Screen Chemicals

EASISTRIP - DIP TANK The Fastest, Money Saving Method of Screen Cleaning

Get your screens clean in 4 quick, money saving steps. 1. Apply Easi-Strip or Dip Screen in Tank 2. Rinse with Water 3. Apply Easisolv 901 Stain Remover 4. Rinse with Water Average cost savings vs. a typical 4 step process are 45 cents per screen     IF YOU ARE A TEXTILE PRINTER YOU MUST CALL OUR CHEMICAL SPECIALISTS TO FIND OUT MORE HOW THIS NEW & EXCITING SYSTEM CAN SAVE YOU HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS A YEAR - 1-800-662-6154 / 856-665-6154 EASIWAY SCREEN CLEANING CHEMICALS

Easisolv EasiStrip - A ready for use emulsion remover & ink degradent in one, with No Odor. EasiStrip is a revolutionary new product that provides a streamlined process to screen cleaning and saves you time & money. With the use of our Dip Tank Method you can reclaim textile screens for mere pennies.  

Easisolv 5 - A liquid concentrate with both stencil removing and degreasing capabilities. This drain safe, no-odor solution breaks down all types of emulsions and capillary in seconds. Mixes 1 to 4 with water.  

Easisolv 55 - A highly concentrated liquid emulsion remover that reclaims coated screens in seconds with minimal scrubbing. This low cost, super concentrated formula is a super value for large format screens . Mixes 1 to 30 with water.    

Easisolv 110 - A fast drying solvent cleaner formulated to remove all types of inks from screens, squeegees, and floodbars. In addition Easisolv 110 works great as a press wipe and as a screen opener for conventional solvent based inks.    

Plastisolv 820 - A low cost, environmentally safe screen and press wash designed for the textile printing industry. Easisolv 820 cuts ink quick and dries fast for on press color changes or screen opening applications.    

Easisolv 901 - A California environmentally approved cleaner formulated to dissolve all types of inks, adhesives and clear coatings. Easisolv 901 cleans ink from screens while also acting as a stain remover and degreaser. Unlike most stain & haze removers Easisolv 901 has No Odor and causes no damage to screen mesh or coated screens.  

Easisolv Gold - A liquid, odor free removes ink and solvent stains while degreasing at the same time. Easisolv Gold is much safer than the conventional harsh paste stain removers with better results.